Vote By Mail Information

To request your vote by mail ballot now, click here. Once you have requested your ballot, you will receive a confirmation email with the following information.

Dates & Deadlines
Consolidated Election, Tuesday, April 6, 2021
1/6/2021 - Vote By Mail Requesting Opens
2/25/2021 - First Day Ballots Can Be Mailed
4/1/2021 - Last Day To Request A Vote By Mail Ballot Online
4/6/2021 - Last Day To Return Your Ballot By 7PM or Postmarked And Mailed

*If you live in a City of Champaign precinct or a Cunningham precinct, because there was a primary in these districts, the first day a vote by mail ballot can be sent to you for the April election is 3/12/2021.

Completing Your Ballot
  • Read the ballot carefully, noting how many candidates you may vote for per race and check the back of your ballot for additional races. We encourage you to vote the whole ballot. 

  • Fill in the oval next to the candidate(s) of your choice completely with black ink. 

  • If you make a mistake on your ballot, mark the spoiled box on the back of the lavender envelope and send the ballot back to the Clerk’s Office. If we have time to get it to you in the mail, we’ll send you a new ballot.  If Election Day is too close we strongly encourage you to take the spoiled ballot to your home polling location or one of the universal polling locations, surrender it, and vote in person. 

  • Once your ballot is complete, place it in the lavender envelope, sign the ballot certification, and seal.  

  • If you are having your ballot hand delivered by someone other than yourself, you and the person delivering the ballot must complete the Affidavit of Delivery on the outside of the lavender return envelope.

Write-In Instructions

Illinois requires write-in candidates to declare their candidacy to be a valid write-in candidate. If you would like a list of write-in candidates, please contact the Clerk’s Office at or 217-384-3724.

Returning Your Ballot

After you have completed your ballot, refold it and insert it into the lavender envelope addressed to the Clerk’s Office. Make sure you sign the envelope! If you forget the Clerk’s Office will not be able to cast your ballot until you provide a valid signature. 

Unfortunately, we do not have ballot drop boxes available this election as a method of returning your ballot. The legislation that allowed for the use of drop boxes during the Presidential Election in November only applied to that election. Despite confidence that the bill would pass the Illinois Legislature, during the lame duck session it was never called for a vote.

Clerk Ammons is working closely with Representative Carol Ammons to introduce the bill this session and if it passes and is signed by the Governor, we may have drop boxes available for the Consolidated Election in April of this year.

For now, here are the two ways you can return your vote by mail ballot:

1) Mail it back to us FREE of charge. The postage is paid, and the envelope is provided. I know there were concerns with the mail system in November, however, the USPS locally was outstanding during the Presidential election. We had no problems at all with their deliveries or mailings. Election mail is prioritized and you can also track the status of your ballot on our voter portal.

2) Drop it off at the Clerk's Office. You can drop your ballot off at the Clerk's Office from 8:30AM-4:30PM, Monday-Friday. You need to wear a mask to enter the Brookens building but this is an option if you prefer to hand deliver your ballot. This is the only place you can hand deliver your ballot.

Please Note: You CANNOT return your ballot to any polling location. Although it seems logical to hand your ballot to an Election Judge at a polling place, that action is illegal under current Illinois election law. If you take your ballot to a polling location the judges will have no choice but to refuse your vote by mail ballot.

We look forward to having another successful, fair, free, and accessible election. Thank you again for choosing a safe and secure way of voting.

Tracking Your Ballot

You can track the status of your ballot here. If you have any questions about your ballot, don’t hesitate to contact the Clerk’s Office at or 217-384-3724.

Please note:  Anticipate at least 48 hours before the status of your ballot is updated in the voter portal.

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