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Appointments are required to redeem delinquent taxes. Make an appointment here.

You can verify the exact amount due on a delinquent property taxes online at any time. If you are planning to make the redemption payment in-person an appointment is needed. Click here to make an appointment. If you are from a title company, we request you still make an appointment.

If the property is a mobile home, email the address and/or PIN of the mobile home to for a cost.

How To Find How Much Is Due On A Property

Search for a property here by PIN or address. Once you have located the correct address, scroll to REDEMPTION INFORMATION. Click on the + to the far left of the row that is the most recent TAX SALE. The lines after the TAX SALE that say Open Sale are already added to the total that you will see in the TAX SALE entry. You only need to view the TAX SALE entry to get the total due. Any years that have "Redeemed" in the Sale Status have been paid and are no longer outstanding.


The screen will expand to look like this. The total amount currently due is in the bottom right corner. The interest amount from the tax sale is listed in the upper right corner of the window that drops down.

amount due

This cost is in effect until the next PENALTY DATE, then the cost will increase and you should verify the total cost through the website again.

The EXTENSION DATE in the middle of the left column is the last day the delinquent taxes can be paid. If they are not paid by that date, the tax buyer can petition for the deed to the property.

penalty date


If you're planning to pay the delinquent tax amount, remember payments must be made in full. Partial payments are not accepted and will not redeem delinquent taxes. The Clerk's Office can only accept a certified or cashier's check, money order, or cash. Do not send cash in the mail. Personal and business checks are NOT accepted. Be sure you make your payment to the Champaign County Clerk's Office and not the Assessor's or Treasurer's offices. Once the payment has been received, the Clerk's Office will issue a Certificate of Payment or Certificate of Deposit for Redemption, to document that the delinquent taxes were paid in full.

Payment can be in-person at our office by appointment or by mail. Click here to make an appointment.


If you have delinquent taxes because you believe your tax bill was sent to the wrong address, update your property tax mailing address with the Supervisor of Assessment's Office. Click here, scroll down and select Other Forms, download Name/Address and Parcel Description Change Form. Complete it, make sure you follow the instructions on the form for identity verification, and return it to the Assessor's Office.

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