Acceptable Forms Of ID & Address Verification

Here is a quick explanation of the types of documents that satisfy the identity verification and the address verification required to register to vote.

Verify Your Identity

In order to register to vote, the Clerk's Office must verify your identity and your address. These items are acceptable identity verification.

  • Government issued (from any state) photo ID, that is under current issue 
  • College or high school issued photo ID, current issue 
  • Bus pass with a photo ID, current issue
  • Work ID is acceptable as well 
Verify Your Address

These items are acceptable address verification. Your ID verification cannot also be your address verification. They have to be separate documents.

  • Lease, current
  • University of Illinois Residence Hall assignment, paper or digital, current semester
  • Utility bill, last 30 days
  • Bank statement, last 30 days
  • Government check, last 30 days
  • Paycheck, last 30 days
  • Shipping notification, last 30 days
  • Car registration, if the car was registered in the last 30 days

A digital version is acceptable as long as the voter’s name, address, and an “issue date” are all be readable on the digital document.

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