Register To Vote

There a multiple ways to register to vote or update your voter registration. To get started, here are the requirements to vote in Illinois:

  • Must be 18 years old or 17 to vote in a Primary if the voter will be 18 by the General.
  • US Citizen, by birth or naturalized.
    • Citizenship: born in the US, born outside the US but at least one parent is a US citizen, born outside US and completed the naturalization process
    • VISAS are not citizenship
  • Individuals with a felony conviction CAN vote.


Update Your Existing Registration

If you are already registered in Champaign County or the state of Illinois but need to update your address or name, you can do that at

If you moved from an address in Champaign County to a different address within Champaign County, you can use the Change of Address form listed on the right under Elections Paper Forms.

Online Voter Registration

Registering online is easy and safe. Once you have completed the required information, it is transmitted from the State Board of Elections to the Clerk's Office. We verify it in our records, send you a voter registration card and you're ready to go! The entire process from completing the online form to us mailing your voter registration card takes about 7 days. And just a reminder, the voter registration card is for your information, it is not required to vote.

Register online to vote at

Remember you will need the last 4 digits of your social security number and your Illinois driver's license or state ID number with issue date.

Grace Period Registration

Grace period voter registration and voting is an opportunity for anyone that has missed the regular registration deadlines to register and vote during the same trip. Grace period is available for 14 days before an election and on Election Day. The voter must fulfill all the same requirements to register to vote and once they do, they must register and vote during that same trip.

Anyone eligible to vote in Champaign County can go to any of the early voting sites to grace period register and vote.

A photo ID and piece of mail no more than 30 days old are required to register. For a detailed list of acceptable ID and address verification, see here.

Paper Voter Registration

Print the Voter Registration Application linked in the column on the right under Elections Paper Forms, complete it, and return it to the Clerk's Office. Make sure you complete all the required fields. Missing information will delay or prevent you from being registered to vote. You can return the form by mail or drop it off at the Clerk's Office in-person.

To mail the form, address it to:

Champaign County Clerk
Elections Department
1776 E Washington St
Urbana, IL 61802


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