Blog Policies

We encourage comments to the blog which lead to honest and open discussion about issues.

We discourage comments that are merely provocative and add little or nothing to the discussion.

Comments may be suspended all together at any time if the time to monitor those comments exceeds the benefits gained from having the blog. This blog is a free service and there will be minimal staff time allotted to it’s upkeep.

We want a positive blog. A positive blog does not mean one in which criticism is censored, but rather a blog where people post ideas, comments and criticisms with the intent to inspire, educate, or promote change.

There is no need for personal invective to get across any points here. Comments of that nature will be deleted.

Comments critical to the Champaign County Clerk’s office are certainly allowed. However, if the blog becomes a forum merely for baseless accusations against this office or other officials it will be discontinued.

Comments of an overtly political nature will be deleted in compliance of the Champaign County Ethics Ordinance.

Comments to the County Clerk are always welcome directly as well.