Absentee and Early Voting Options for Urbana Voters

Absentee and early voting for voters in the City of Urbana has been suspended pending a drawing for ballot placement by the Urbana City Clerk.  Here are the options for affected voters.

1.    Vote Early (no excuse) on Thursday from 8:00 until 4:30 or if you will be out of town, vote absentee in person on Friday from 8:00 until 4:30, Saturday from 8:30 until noon, or Monday from 8:00 until 5:00.

2.    Request an absentee ballot through the mail and expedite the process by signing the application in person in our office.  We will FedEx out the ballots on Thursday.  The returned ballot must be postmarked by April 6 to be counted.  The voter must pay the cost of postage on the return ballot. The law allows two weeks for ballots to be returned to our office.

3.    Come to our office after 1:00 pm on Wednesday and vote on a corrected ballot which will not yet have been tested to count accurately.  Your completed ballot will be placed in a sealed envelope and will be cast after the vote counting equipment has been fully tested.  The correct order of candidates on the ballot will be accurate, but it is possible that the computer layout will still need to be changed.  If it does need to be changed, your ballot will be remade along with those already cast and your votes accurately recorded on a new ballot by a team of Republican and Democratic election judges.  Your old ballot will be preserved and marked in a way that will allow it to be matched with the new ballot.  The secrecy of your vote will not be violated as the judges charged with remaking ballots will not know who cast the ballots they remake.

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