High School Mock Election

This week, we were excited to work with eight public high schools in Champaign County and the League of Women Voters to conduct a be able to conduct a mock election for high school students.  We prepared ballots containing the appropriate Federal and State offices for the districts that roughly matched the territory of the school districts, and worked with each school on appropriate referenda.  We provided ballots, tabulators, ballot boxes, voting booths, privacy covers, pens, “I Voted” stickers and other supplies in an effort to make the voting experience for students as similar as possible to real voting.

Voting was conducted October 16, 17 and 18 at each school, with election judge services provides by volunteers from the LWV, and in some cases, other students. We operated each school as its own precinct, so we could tally results separately for each school and then combine.  We had excellent participation with 3,080 students voting countywide.  Results are:

This was the largest mock election we’ve ever done, and I hope the LWV and schools enjoyed it as much as we did.  We’re already looking forward to the next one.

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