Retabulation Completed for Consolidated General Election

In accordance with 10 ILCS 5/24B-15, we conducted our state-mandated retabulation this morning.  Retabulation is a post-election verification of the results we reported on election night.  After each election, the Illinois State Board of Elections randomly selects five percent of Champaign County’s precincts (usually six of our 117 precincts) for retabulation.  It is open to the public and media, and the leaders of the Democratic, Green and Republican Parties are invited.  Retabulation consists of re-testing the tabulators used in each precinct polling place on election day, verifying the test results, and then re-scanning and tabulating all of the early/absentee ballots that were cast in our office, and all of the ballots that were cast in the precinct on election day.  We check to ensure that the total number of ballots cast is the same on election day and on retabulation day.  We also perform a hand count of one race in each of the six precincts, with each established party choosing the race to hand count in two precincts.  Retabulation verifies that counting the same ballots in the same tabulator a second time gives the same results.

The precincts selected by the State Board for retabulation after the April 5, 2011 Consolidated General Election were  Ayers, City of Champaign 35, Cunningham 23, Mahomet 1, Mahomet 3 and Sadorus Ivesdale.  You can view the retabulation results here.

In five of the six precincts, the results of our retabulation and hand count exactly matched the unofficial results we reported on election night.  In Mahomet 3, as you can see here, we had two early/absentee ballots that had been correctly tabulated at the office but that could not be correctly tabulated by the machine in the precinct.  These ballots were counted and reported on election night, but because of how they were marked (with Xs in one case, with pencil in the other) the precinct tabulator would not read them.  We copied the ballots, explained the issue, and included them with our report to the Illinois State Board of Elections.

We will count late-arriving absentee ballots and accepted provisional ballots on Tuesday, April 19 for our final canvass.  After those results are included in our totals from election night, our results will be final and official.

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